Teaching Ressources

Current Teachings

Sadly, I am not currently giving any course. See you soon!


A set of some old ressources, made for courses I’ve given.

Formal models for Protocol security

When writing my thesis, I have provided

  • in the Introduction a brief overview of all the building blocks of protocol security
  • in the chapter “Formal models for Protocols”, a pi-calculus with both symbolic and computational semantics, which is also used in combination with the BC logic.

This could probably serve as a base for an introduction to the formal security field.

Tree automata techniques and applications

The course is about tree automata, and mostly based on the so called TATA. The exercise sheets, and some partial solutions can be found bellow:


Some exercices about NL, PSPACE, PH and others.

French “agregation”, computer science option D

I’ve participated in redacting some short “cheatsheet”, for each lesson of the concourse. See here for more details (in French).